Auto Success

The “autogenerator” worked for @jasonlong’s Cayman theme, as presented in the blog your reading, but what you see on the surface is not the end of it. I’ve moved the entireity of the blog to jekyll posting inheritance model of layouts for static site generation, including errors, posts, and even other layouts, thanks to the work of @pietromenna. The end hierarchy looks something like this:

I initially wanted to show this post for example of the new theme, but to prevent codeception, I’ll show the Autogenerator post that proposed these changes:

Cool, right? This blog is going to be awesome now that automation provides it the room to be! Can’t wait for the Easter update! :rabbit2: :egg: :rainbow:

Autogenerator Test

Let’s face the facts. In my first post on this site, I said it would provide a method to the freedom to share to technology, but it hasn’t been much of that so far. The interface on my website is fairly outdated, and “sdworkz” most likely didn’t intend his/her template to be used in the ways I use it for, e.g. using hyperlinks, embedding gists and geojson renderings, showing centered images, etc. Luckily, GitHub Pages offers a service for dynamic site generation from Markdown, and many themes are now available. I created a test site, EtherTyper/autogenerator_test, and wanted to know what you thought of it. Click on the image below to vote on whether the one-click test or my manual site looks better to you. I can’t wait to see what you think!


I’ve already learned git, some basic concepts in popular languages, and gathered a few other skills. But what do you do if you can’t access your hard earned work? If your work runs on GitHub, you need to know the GitHub API.

The API has many functions, but among others two really stand out. Octocatsay and zen are the most essential, core, and useless skills you can know when you’re using GitHub. So, I decided to do a little bit of a joke program based on these functions, called Octowisdom, which pipes the zen function into octocatsay using python’s string parsing ability. You can see the source and its product below, when I set it to run in my .bash_profile. I almost need Octocat’s advice when coding today!

UPDATE: Instructions on installation and compililation are available in my GitBook.


Texas is amazing. That’s why I made a .geojson representation of it, as shown here, and down below on desktop if viewing the post individually. It’s hosted on the same repo as this blog here, so you can grab it by clicking the “Fork me on Github” button and then “Download ZIP”. Once you extract the directory, these wonderful 328 lines of code are yours to keep, subject to the MIT License. Enjoy!

Christmas Spirit!

I’ve personally got into the Christmas spirit by completely redeveloping my blog! style.css is so much more Christmas-y, my Gitter chat box is officially a part of the repo, and of course my GitBook has arrived! It’s not much; it’s just one chapter about the struggles of [pre-git] code sharing, but I will fill it up with details about how I made www, [the new one], and how you can yourself. It will document all kinds of hands on experiences, ranging from forking the Spoon-Knife to implementing Dogecoin in Minecraft. I really hope you like it! It will be hosted in this same repository, viewable here! I really hope you like it, and have a Merry Christmas! [Full details on the Christmas Commit are available under the commits section on GitHub, accessible by the “Fork me on Github” button in the top left corner. Enjoy!

I made a Spoon-Knife!

Like any good GitHubber, I’ve got into the spirit of the holidays by making a Spoon-Knife, hosted by GitHub Pages. You can see it here: Spoon Knife

Hello GitHub!

This is a place to share ideas about anything! Need help on an Internet based project? Want to make a Minecraft mod? Design a cryptocurrency? Do them all in one? You’ve came to the right place, kind sir or lady. This is a place for free technological, creative, and logical thinking. Feel welcome on my site, send me a pull request, and I’ll gladly consider your ideas! Every creative thinker is welcome here, even you!